Charleston Digital Corridor Revamps Recruitment Tool

By Abigail Darlington | Share: Posted on

The Charleston Digital Corridor has improved one of its main tools for luring new technology talent to the region.

CharlestonWORKS, an online listing of tech employers in the area, has been updated to include dozens of new companies and it's now "fully responsive," meaning it works the same way across all sorts of devices, according to Charleston Digital Corridor Executive Director Ernest Andrade.

The goal of the website, Andrade said, was to create a simple platform for visitors to browse all the tech firms in Charleston and easily identify those that are hiring.

"One of the biggest challenges of the tech industry in Charleston, like a lot of other cities with tech industries experiencing robust growth, is the lack of talented employees. The more readily information is available, the more likely talent is to relocate here," he said.

CharlestonWORKS is a main part of the Charleston Digital Corridor's "comprehensive talent development strategy," which is to attract new talent to the technology scene by supporting what already exists here.

"We have spent very little effort recruiting but we really focus on showing what's going on in the local community. Yet we have grown tremendously by creating these smart portals like CharlestonWORKS," Andrade said. "As a community, we don't need to overstrategize. There are simple and smart things that can be done that put tools in the hands of the visitor."

In the last year, the website has been visited frequently in nearly every state, and the amount of time visitors spend on the site has increased dramatically in recent months, Andrade added.

Earl Bridges, founder of local tech firm Good Done Great, which was started in the corridor's Flagship incubator program, said he has hired at least 10 employees that discovered the company through CharlestonWORKS.

"In the last six months, we picked up three new employees from that portal," he said. "It's a great useful tool to get out the word of who we are and that we're hiring."