Silicon Harbor Ventures Launches Charleston Based Venture Fund

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Charleston, South Carolina, December 6, 2013 Silicon Harbor Ventures (SHV) has launched its investor managed venture capital fund targeting investments in early and growth stage technology-oriented companies based in Charleston, South Carolina and the southeastern United States.

SHV is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina and is entrenched in the Charleston technology scene through its involvement with the Charleston Digital Corridor (CDC). "The acceleration of Charleston's knowledge economy provides investors with an unprecedented opportunity to invest in our early-stage tech companies," said Ernest Andrade, the Founder and Director of the Charleston Digital Corridor. Companies in which SHV makes investments will be able to leverage the infrastructure and success of the CDC while having access to office facilities, talent and business concierge services.

SHV already has committed capital and intends to raise additional funds targeted to technology-oriented companies. The fund is designed to provide the benefits of angel investor clubs through the investor-managed structure with the benefits of a venture fund with committed capital. The fund's unique structure allows investors to leverage their expertise in the investment decision process with professional oversight and dedicated capital.

In addition to providing capital, SHV has enlisted a team of experienced and talented mentors that provide entrepreneurs access to relevant knowledge and experience they need to get on a fast track to success. "SHV will focus on investing in industries where our investors have expertise in order to ensure that the portfolio is concentrated in companies where we can perform the proper due diligence and provide the right ongoing business guidance and strategic support," said Michael Knox, a founder and managing partner of the fund.

Membership to the Silicon Harbor Ventures Fund is by invitation and all members must be accredited investors in accordance with the guidelines and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States. Entrepreneurs and Investors can learn more at


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