Charleston Offers Wilmington A Roadmap Of Success In Andrade’s Keynote Address

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (April 7, 2014) – Ernest Andrade, principal of Andrade Economics and founder and current director of the Charleston Digital Corridor, will bring his expertise to the 11th Annual Wilmington Information Technology Exchange (WITX) Conference on April 8 for the keynote address.

Andrade's value and results-oriented mindset has given Charleston a growing list of accomplishments with its tech economy. Andrade will share some highlights of his roadmap in his address, entitled, "Building a Thriving Tech Economy: What Wilmington can learn from the successes of Charleston, S.C." The general topics include:

  • How the dynamics of community success have changed: Open networks have overtaken closed hierarchy driven organizations.
  • Your best consultants are in front of you in your own community: When was the last time you asked local entrepreneurs and emerging tech-related businesses what you could do that may improve the business climate for them?
  • Relationships of substance vs. obligation and convenience: What if having to do something was at odds with your relationship with other organizations?
  • Chasing gazelles vs. hunting elephants: Over 80% of business growth occurs from within a community. How you spend your time and resources matters.
  • Ditch the studies and start a process of strategic doing: Why implementing small, tangible and practical items is a lot more important than commissioning expensive reports looking for a silver bullet that does not exist.

Andrade launched the Charleston Digital Corridor in February 2001 to attract, nurture and grow knowledge-based companies in Charleston.Under Andrade's leadership, the successful public-private business development partnership has garnered a growing list of accomplishments, including: growing the city from 38 to over 100 square miles, increasing Charleston's tax base by over $2.5 billion and 30,000 residents, executing a strategic plan to recruit competitive economic development projects with a capital investment of over $500 million, and positioning Charleston as a premier destination for knowledge-based companies by growing the Digital Corridor from 18 to over 100 companies since its launch in 2001 with average wages twice the regional average.


Ernest Andrade