Charleston Digital Corridor Launches Codecamp Version 3.0

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The Charleston Digital Corridor is pleased to announce the launch of CODEcamp Version 3.0. In the summer of 2012, the Digital Corridor extended its workforce development strategy beyond connecting career seekers with qualified jobs in Charleston's rapidly growing tech community by launching CODEcamp. The goal was to expand Charleston's technical workforce by providing individuals of all skill levels with access to affordable training in Web and mobile technologies.

Two years later, and with over five hundred attendees and an updated brand, CODEcamp is evolving beyond in-classroom training to include mentorship, employment-focused networking events, and an industry Advisory Board. The development of the Flagship & FS2 business incubators, funded by the City of Charleston in 2009 and 2011 respectively, allowed the Digital Corridor to utilize some of the office space for a dedicated computer lab, a facility funded entirely by the community of tech companies in Charleston.

"We would never have been able to launch the program in 2012 without the support of our tech community and City of Charleston," said Digital Corridor Foundation Chairman, Kirk King. "With all course instructors hailing from Charleston's tech community, CODEcamp is a fully realized community-sourced program," he added.

As CODEcamp enters the third year, the Digital Corridor has another powerful ally in seeking innovative ways to boost the State's technical workforce – the South Carolina Department of Commerce. The agency, through an Innovation Challenge, recently awarded $247,000 to help accelerate the program.

"Just like we work to help 'set the table' for business investment through physical infrastructure, we must also build up our innovation infrastructure to foster entrepreneurs and high-tech companies in South Carolina," said Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt. "We are pleased to partner with local organizations, like the Charleston Digital Corridor, on programs to continue to move the needle within the innovation community."

Charleston's tech companies, which now comprise approximately 5% of the regional economy, are adding jobs at an unprecedented rate. With a national shortage of technical talent, the Digital Corridor is betting that South Carolina and the Charleston community will win the talent shortfall by successfully addressing the workforce challenges and adapting to the fast changing dynamics of the technical landscape.