Digital Corridor Launches CharlestonCodes Portal

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As a parent, do you know about the upcoming code camps for your middle schooler this summer? Or that Clemson University is now offering a Ph.D. in computer science at its Charleston campus? Probably not. Now, there is no excuse. With the rapid growth of Charleston's tech economy, the Charleston Digital Corridor is pleased to announce the launch of CharlestonCodes - a portal showcasing all the computer science and code education offerings in Charleston, South Carolina.

CharlestonCodes is a directory and map of all known computer science offerings at education institutions, coding initiatives offered by private and non-profit entities, and community events featuring computer programming/code education in Charleston. Specifically, CharlestonCodes provides data in four categories that allows visitors to get to the information they are seeking in an efficient way.

"The underpinning of a successful tech economy is the diverse array of technical education offerings in the community. Our CharlestonCodes portal serves as an up-to-date aggregated 'showcase' of education resources and events related to computer science and coding in the Charleston region," said Charleston Digital Corridor Foundation Chairman Kirk King.

The Digital Corridor recognizes the economic value that can be created by democratizing data. "Like our CharlestonWorks portal, CharlestonCodes represents yet another effective, locally curated, community-sourced resource that will continue to grow over time," said Digital Corridor Director Ernest Andrade.